Mushin Tatakai mission statement
Mushin Tatakai mission statement

We are an Award-Winning Kickboxing Academy that bases our training on personal development, respect and discipline.

We are situated in the community of Shirecliffe and welcome students from 5 years and above with separate classes for teens and adults.

We encourage our students to have the desire to become a better version of themselves and strive for excellence in whatever path they choose in life.

Details of our class timetables can be found on the Contact Us page.

The Benefits of training with us

Mushin Tatakai class
  • checkYou will become confident
  • checkYou will develop a strong mindset
  • checkYou will improve your self-esteem and self-worth
  • checkYou will improve your social skills
  • checkYou will learn self-defence and fitness with purpose
  • checkYou will have a healthier and more active lifestyle
  • checkYou will make new friends for life

Team tatakai, Mike Gibson tournament

We also offer Interclub, National, Regional and World competitions for those who want to take their skills to the next level in a competitive environment.

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Little Dragons 4 - 12yrs 5-6pm

Teens 13 - 17yrs 6-7pm

Adults 18+ 7-8pm

Private class bookings 5-6pm

Beginners only 4 - 17yrs 6-7pm

Womens only Kickboxing and self-defence 18+ 7-8pm

Private class bookings 5-6pm

Private class bookings 5-6pm

Little Dragons 4-12yrs 5-6pm

Teens 13-17yrs 6-7pm

Adults 18+ 7-8pm

Beginners only 4 - 17yrs 10-11am

Womens only Kickboxing and self-defence 18+ 11:00am - 12:30pm

sunday Mass fight class, Invite Only, Orange belt and above 10:00am - 12:30pm



349 Shirecliffe Rd, Sheffield S5 8XL

Thank you for visiting our page. We are happy to answer any questions you may have through this form or via the FB link below. Contact us to enquire about your week’s free trial and start your new journey today!

Sensei Stuart Gervaise

If you have chosen to train at this club, know this.
Learning a skill such as this is not an easy road to travel, an individual deciding to go on this journey has already proved that they are special!
The person at this stage may not realise this, but instructors such as sensei Mike Gibson, know that with the correct mindset as well as world class martial arts instruction by sensei Mike Gibson and people like him, anything is possible!
And not just in the martial arts world... you are joining a team which will feel like your family! This family have already produced British, European and World champions! The friendships you forge throughout your career will last a lifetime! You will inherit skills such as fitness, respect, self-defence, confidence, compassion, team spirit, competition fighting, mental strength as well as being a well rounded human being.
The world class training you will receive at Tatakai will enable you to achieve anything you and your family members put your mind to throughout your life!
This is a very special club, stay loyal, train hard abd the world, quite literally, will be your oyster!
Sensei Stuart Gervaise
Team Scotland coach

When it comes to teaching and instilling, not only the ability to protect themselves, but also instills in them respect with strong individual morals and ethics, sensei Mike Gibson works his magic again and again, since once you are under his wing, he considers you part of his extended family.

Everything he does is done with professionalism and integrity, he has always put his students first and by doing so has many championship winning students who are part of the England National team.

Add to this his standing in the WMO (World Martial Arts organisation) as a regional director and there is no doubt at all, that I would send my children to be taught by him since he has so much to offer and he leads by example.

In short he is a man to be respected by the way he leads his life, and by passing it on to his students.
Master Alfie Lewis
World President of the WMO

Master Alfie Lewis