Sophie Success story

From Beginner to Black Belt

I started my journey through curiosity! I wanted to get fit but try something different as I always found the gym boring. Before I did my first class, I thought that to be good at Martial Arts you had to be like Bruce Lee and to be able to fight like they do in films! I quickly realised it is open to anyone and it teaches a whole new mind set and way of life. From a shy white belt that knew nothing about how to defend myself and had little self-esteem, I have become a strong and confident black belt within 5 years and I now feel I can take on any of life’s challenges.

Sophie, 28

The Maloney Family

I enjoy training as I get to learn how to kick and how to fight!

Sky, 9

Becoming a black belt meant the world to me knowing I had achieved something special in my life at such a young age and training has given me more confidence outside of the dojo.

Cahner, 13

Training has given me the opportunity to see my kids grow and see them achieve things in life I never thought they would as it was never in their nature. Personally, I have fought on the tournament circuit and I love meeting fellow Martial Artists and being able to learn from everyone I have fought and trained with

Michael, 36

Maloney Family Success story
Lexi's story

My story so far...

I have been training at the dojo for three years, when I first started I was really shy and not confident. In the three years I have grown so much due to the support I have received, the friendships I have made and my love for karate. I train at every opportunity I get and I am loving seeing myself improve every time. I have been doing competitions for two years in which I have earned numerous bronze, silver and gold medals. I also had the amazing opportunity to represent England in the WMO world championships, I placed 3rd and 4th in my categories, I was so nervous but my love for karate helped me carry on. My next achievements I’m hoping to gain are to earn my black belt and place 1st in the world championships.

Lexi, 9

Mother and Daughter - families that kick together, stick together!

Hi, I'm Emily and I'm 9 years old. I've been training with Tatakai for 4-5 years and I love it. I received my Black Belt this year and I'm so proud of myself. To me, my Black Belt means everything. It represents all the hard work I've done over the past 4 years. It feels like the end of a journey but there is so much more to explore. I'm now working towards my Second Dan and I'm so excited. Sensei Mike is a great teacher and is very funny. Joining karate is one of the best decisions I've made.

Emily, 9

Hi, my name is Sara and I have been training at Tatakai since 2017. I started for exercise with no intention of grading for belts. My husband and daughter had been training for nearly a year before I started, I sat and watched from the side lines and got the bug. After only a couple of weeks of "exercise" I was hooked! Sensei Mike had a lot of patience for me, he encouraged and pushed me and I eventually realised I wanted more from myself. Since then I have gained an award in the Hall of Fame and will be grading for my black belt in the new year. My husband and daughter are now black belts with my daughter being the group's youngest black belt. Tatakai is my extended family, we train hard together and every punch and kick comes from love.

Sara, 35

Mother and Daughter - families that kick together, stick together! Sara's story
A Girl from a Street with a Dream

A Girl from a Street with a Dream

Hi, my name is Rebecca Williams. I am a member of the Tatakai Martial Arts club. I started my journey in October 2018 and I am still training. I started my competition fighting in March 2019 and since then I have earned many medals and trophies. One of my best achievements is becoming a 2x World Champion in my categories after less than a year of starting my training. This club that I call my second home is my safe place and somewhere I can express my feelings in a positive way. I became a junior instructor in 2019 and I can and already have been helping each individual with their journey. Martial Arts helped me with my confidence and self-esteem and really built me back up. Why don't you start your journey now?

Becca, 15

My journey

My story is nothing special. In school I got bullied and in to fights, of which I lost, so I started looking for help and martial arts was that helping hand. So I started looking, trying everything I found; boxing, taekwondo, etc yet each one failed me in different ways. So when I heard that there was a kickboxing club in Shirecliffe, I was excited, cause I was always interested in martial arts, but also felt like I would hate it after two weeks. Nevertheless I went anyways. To my surprise, I actually enjoyed it. I could barely do anything and I knew this yet I kept on training. I think the greatest thing that happened to me during training was meeting 3 people who would go on to help me immensely and I'll never forget them for this. As I got to know them more and more our relationships changed from colleagues to good friends and eventually family, but over time we ended up going our separate ways. The one person who was there from the beginning and was there the most was my Sensei. He showed me the ropes, he helped me with my techniques and when I had given up on myself he didn't. I can't thank him enough for allowing me into his dojo and pushing me to my limits. Anyhow, I did struggle with many things and still do to a certain extent. It's not all wishy washy Bruce lee style, it takes much time, effort and dedication to learn and use effectively. Me, personally I still struggle with where and when to throw my kicks and punches or how to use them in a applicable situation. That's why I respect everyone for doing sparring. Another reason why I respect them is because of the bravery. Sometimes I can't even stand up straight cause of the fear. But I still did it non the less. There's many things I could say about this club, each more reasonable than the last, but the main point is I wouldn't be here if it wasn't for this club and I'm forever indebted to the people who've helped me through it all

Levi, 14

Levi's story
Lilys story

Why I love my training

This club has taught me so many skills besides self-defence and I’m very grateful for it. I’m more confident in myself and I feel that I have more social skills.

Lily, 17